cipp pipe lining

Faced with busted or leaking pipes? The problem is worse in itself, with the dreadful scenario of dug up grounds and water interruption for days, even weeks. Hold that thought. Dekalb, IL home and business owners now have the trenchless option. CIPP, or Cured In Place Pipe placement, is an innovative new technology that has revolutionized the plumbing industry. Pipe lining means less workers involved and lower labor costs, minimal mess and cleanup, thereby giving home and business owners more savings in terms of time and money. Find out what is most common method of CIPP pipe lining in Dekalb, IL to solve your water or sewer line issues once and for all.

How does CIPP Work?

CIPP utilizes non-invasive techniques for repairing a portion or an entire piping system. The process involves fitting down a joint-less and seamless pipe down the existing damaged pipe. It’s initially in the form of a liner that’s generally made of polyester or a combination of polyester and vinyl called vinylester. The material is heavily saturated with epoxy resin during its layering process for maximum strength.

There are two primary types of CIPP applications:

Pull-In-Place Method (P.I.P.)

PIP is method wherein the liner is pulled into position and cured in place using two access points. One to feed the liner down the piping system, and the other end allows trenchless technicians to successfully pull it into place. In cases where only one access point is possible, the inversion process would be the best course to take.

The Inversion Method

Inversion is the most commonly used pipe lining method of today, where only a single access point is required in the modern technique. The liner is turned inside-out using a column of water or air pressure during installation to activate the resin via heat. Once the pipe fitting has been perfectly aligned and heat is applied, the material walks itself through the host pipe. It is meant to adhere the epoxy liner against the pipe and seamlessly contour to its interior wall surface. Inversion causes the resin-saturated liner to harden and effectively repair or replace any broken pipe gaps.

In this CIPP method, hundreds of feet of liner can be installed in impressively just a few seconds. Large projects typically require a combination of the PIP and inversion procedures for optimal results. The end result is a joint-free and seamless replacement pipe with excellent durability. It’s resistant to leaks, corrosion and tree root intrusion. The new pipe system comes with a remarkable 50-year lifespan, even more.

Pipe lining offers great option for both Dekalb, IL homes and businesses as the ideal solution to repairing valuable water infrastructures and sewer lines without the need for extensive digging. Trenchless technology is suitable for multi-tenant apartment complexes, hotels, universities and various establishments with minimal to no impact on daily operations. Homeowners can get back to tending their garden at the end of the day and enjoying the everyday comfort of having a safe water and sewer system.

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