Relining refers to the rehabilitation or repair of damaged and leaking sewer lines without necessarily having to dig up the old pipes. This new technology uses an epoxy resin pipe that is fixed into an old sewer line, and afterward given a few hours to cure. This resin pipe is designed in a way that its diameter fits exactly the size of the old passage route to ensure it is reinforced by the walls.

If you live in Houston, TX, and you have a sewer problem, pipe relining can be beneficial for your home in the following ways:

Minimal Disruption of Landscape

When using the traditional method to dig up the sewer lines and repair the damaged sections, it causes a substantial amount of damage to the landscape. Because installed cover such as concrete, patio pavers, and other construction materials must be removed, it means that plant cover that may have taken years to grow is destroyed in the process. Moreover, whatever materials and soil that had been excavated need to be replaced after repairs, and thus it can take a time before the surface is restored to its initial state. However, everything changes with pipe relining, as minimal disruptions happen to the landscape or surface. Therefore, it’s a convenient way of rehabilitation for every home in Houston to help sustain your home in good condition.


As a maintenance option for homeowners in Houston, sewer pipe relining is much more cost-effective compared to the traditional remedies. This is so considering that less labor is involved, as there is no need to extract large sections of the ground for installation. Above all, you don’t need to spend much money on buying new materials for replacement of what was otherwise damaged during excavation and restoration of disrupted natural cover that can take years to mature.


A disrupted ground surface, as in the case of traditional excavating methods, exposes the residents to some potential risks. This is because piled heaps, holes and trenches can easily cause accidents, especially to children and pets. That is why using sewer pipe relining is a better option for maintaining a safe environment.

Adds to Durability

Sewer relining relies on the insertion of an epoxy resin pipe into the old and damaged passages. These acts as a reinforcement of the entire piping system because it is kind of you end up with two pipes nested together. The result of this is that all weak joints are eliminated, thus adding to the durability of the whole piping system.

Quick Turnaround

Pipe relining does not involve a lot of efforts. As a result, it requires much less time to install than would be the case if the ground were to be excavated to facilitate the repairs. Additionally, relining makes the rehabilitation process much faster, even for pipes in difficult-to-reach areas. This doesn’t only help with a faster restoration of the environment, but also helps to lower the cost of the installation.

To sum up, pipe relining is a well-meaning angel given the many benefits accrued to this method of sewer repair. Given its reduced lead-time of installation to being cost-effective, it absolutely doesn’t make sense to forfeit pipe relining in favor of the traditional excavation method that has very many drawbacks.

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