Do you have older trees on your Charlottesville, VA property? Are they near your sewer or water lines? If so, then these lines could be at risk of major damage which is caused by roots. These tree roots are slow growing but over time they can become a serious problem. Today, we are going to learn more about root damage and how you can prevent it from occurring on your property.

What Is Root Damage?

You might be asking yourself how tree roots can damage your sewer lines and water lines in Charlottesville, VA. Trees are in constant search of water, and when things get dry due to weather, they often send roots towards the nearest water source. That source is often water lines and sewer lines. While the roots are slow growing, once they have reached pipes containing water, they can burrow their way in. This can cause damage to the pipe itself causing leaks. Additionally, sewer drains can become clogged by the roots and cause the entire system to begin backing up into the home.

How to Prevent Root Damage

Below we will go over several ways that can you help prevent root damage from occurring. These tips are very important to the health of your sewer and water systems. Make sure to pay close attention to the information provided so that you can benefit from it.

  • Remove trees close to your underground pipes: If you have trees growing near your underground pipes, you can have them removed. This will eliminate any root damage that might have occurred otherwise. While this might seem like a drastic measure, it can save you lots of headaches in the future.
  • Have your pipes inspected yearly: A great way to keep roots from damaging your pipes is by having a yearly inspection. During this process, a camera will be lowered into the pipe and this allows technicians to see what is going on inside. Doing this once a year will help stop root damage in its tracks and help protect your investment.

How to Treat Root Damage

If root damage is already a problem on your property, you will need to do something about it fast. Letting things go untreated will cause a major repair and even a replacement may need to occur. Let’s learn more about how you can treat root damage once it’s already happened.

  • Get your lines power jetted: Once you have had a camera inspection completed and roots are found, bring in a power jet. Professional pipeline repair companies can blast away roots clearing any blockages along the way. This is a great way to prevent roots from causing any further damage.
  • Replace your lines: A great way to fix sewer drains after they have become damaged by roots is trenchless repair. During this process, a soft epoxy liner can be put into place in the area of the damage and then hardened using UV light. This will seal up any leaks and help prevent any future root growth from damaging your system.

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